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The DoIt Foundation carries no overhead or operating costs. 100% of all donations go towards the charity of your choice. Our entire staff and board are made up of volunteers offering their time, experience, contacts and money to support our many causes here in Costa Rica.

If a wheel chair cost $71, a donation of $71 will purchase one chair and therefore directly support one costa rican in need.

Stay tuned for special match donation offers where your donations will be matched dollar for dollar during certain periods of time throughout the year.

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DO IT Foundation and Stewart & Stewart
Foundation Proudly Join Forces!

The DO IT Foundation and Stewart & Stewart Foundation have joined forces to help the underserved and vulnerable populations in Costa Rica. We will focus our efforts on Disability, Education, Empowerment, Health and Hunger.

Our goals in Costa Rica are to help raise funds and create programs that will allow us to continue to empower people with disablilities. Support efforts in establishing good, clean, safe environments at education facilities. Provide access to education programs and promote health and wellness to all, including children, the elderly the disabled and abused individuals. Create community enrichment programs promoting environmental and ecological sustainably. Assist with the distribution of foods to those in need. Promote international internship opportunities to support and partner with other Costa Rican charitable organizations.

The Costa Rican based Do IT Foundation was formed as a charitable extension of the Papagayo Do it Center. Stewart & Stewart Foundation is a US based nonprofit dedicated to the global inclusion of people with disabilities.

Our Goals

The DoIt Foundation goals are the following:
- offer aid and assistance to various Costa Rican charities and groups.
- do as best we can to meet the demand for all those in need in Costa Rica. We have currently reach 15% of the population in need of Wheel Chairs and hope to be current for all those in need by 2015.
-Assist those areas where 1-the people are suffering the most and 2- with our help can make our country stronger, better, safer and healthier.

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what’s new?

  • October 26, 2012

    DoIt Foundation 200 Wheel Chair Giveaway!

    The DoIt Foundation is assembling 200 wheel chairs on October 27th to be given away on Sunday the 28th. In conjunction with Free Wheel Chair Mission and Hospital Clinica biblica, the DoIt Foundation and over 100 volunteers will assist in awarding mobility to 200 costa rican children and adults. >>

  • October 24, 2012

    Matching Gift Update: We caní»t Thank You enough!

    We originally set out to raise 5,500 wheelchairs through our Matching Gift campaign and your support has far, far surpassed even our most ambitious expectations. THANK YOU!>>

  • October 22, 2012

    Monday Recap: Simple Joys

    We often talk about the joy a wheelchair can bring to the recipient and their family. Today I want to share a story of that happiness with you from our partners, World Vision:>>

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